Well, hello! I’m glad you stopped by this page. Are you resting comfortably? Good!

This is just a little disclaimer. I am in no way, shape, or form a medical expert. True, I worked in the medical field for ten years as a unit secretary, an emergency room registrar, a phlebotomist, and a laboratory assistant. However, though I did see, hear, and, ahem, smell a fair share of the human condition, you should note that above all, I am a writer and researcher. Death studies and all it encompasses are a hobby of mine. I will try my best to write¬†well-researched and cited articles (with a dash of humor), but please don’t substitute medical opinion with my little ol’ blog.

You have been warned so proceed with caution!


PS: You most certainly can link to my site. I do ask that you give credit where credit is due. As I tell my students, cite your source!


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