The Friday Five: April 7 Edition

Hiiiiiiiiii!!!!! This week, I regretfully did not have time to write a full-on blog post because of teacher thangs, y’all. However! I have decided to implement a little thing called The Friday Five where I bring you my top five things of the week. It’s like Oprah’s Favorite Things only, unfortunately, I don’t hide a new BMW under your chair or treat you to coffee enemas or seaweed spa treatments.

We will back to regular posting next week but until then, have a seat, grab some nachos, and come play with us, Danny, forever and ever and ever…

  1. My Favorite Murder.  Hold on to your butts. Are you listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast? Have you had your ears tickled by the fabulosity that is Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff? If you’re telling me you haven’t, then you have some homework to do this weekend. Around Christmas, a friend texted me that I should be listening to MFM. So I did. THIS IS SO GOOD. Premise: think of it as listening to your two hilarious, swearing friends talk about true crime and truly horrifying murders. Bonus points if you listen to the first six episodes on a plane and then immediately begin suspecting the people around you of murder. The ladies have a pretty awesome fan base of Murderinos and their merch is off the hook.
One of the many treasures MFM has to offer. Source: My Favorite Murder

2. Witch Baby Soap.  I had one of those long, frustrating days yesterday. But you know what made it all better? My Witch Baby bath bomb order was waiting for me when I got home! Witch Baby Soap has the best bath bombs, soaps, and scrubs that I have ever had in my entire life. My personal favorites (so far) are the Blood and Milk Bath Bomb, the Death Tarot Bath Bomb (pictured below and on my Instagram), and the Graveyard Bath Bomb. Your skin will be butter soft. You will be relaxed. You won’t care that your cat just knocked a vase off of the hallway table and broke it because you will be totally blissed out. Plus! Depending on which bomb you buy, your bathwater will look like a crime scene. That’s a thing, right? (Note: I also ordered the Psychic Bath Bomb and the Love Bath Bomb. I can’t wait to use both!)

Move over, Elizabeth Bathory. And yes, that’s my ugly little foot. And no, I’m not getting a pedicure, MOM. 

3. Move Over, Barbie! These Creepy Anatomical Dolls Are Too Real. From our besties at Bust (say that nine times too fast). If you’re into wax figures and morbid anatomy, then check out this fantastic piece from Bust on The Morbid Anatomy Museum and Joanne Ebenstein’s new book, The Anatomical Venus: Wax, God, Death & the Ecstatic

4. Arsenic and Old Tastes Made Victorian Wallpaper Deadly.  We love arsenic on this blog and we are fascinated by the fact it was used so much during the Victorian era. This Smithsonian piece delves into the uses of arsenic in common items such as (duh) wallpaper, specifically bright, green floral wallpaper. (We also love green).

5. Salem Public Library Digital Heritage.  I love Salem. I have never been to Salem – yet. BUT! Through the magic of digitization, I can visit the Salem Public Library and view their archives, which include maps, yearbooks, photos, postcards, etc.

The Witch – Salem High School Yearbook, 1961. Source: The Salem Public Library


See you next week! 


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